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Cardinal pot made from nuisance algae

Cardinal pot made from nuisance algae

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Celebrate the state bird of seven of our United States with this delicate little cardinal pot. This little beauty is a fantastic airplant holder or perfect for a very little succulent. The cardinal is about 140mm long from beak to the top of the tail (about 5.5in), about 90mm wide from the left foot to the right foot (about 3.5in) and about 100mm tall up to the top of the tail (about 3.5in.) Our bird buddy is available in natural algae green, desert sand red and moody slate gray.  

These pots are 3D printed with nuisance algae, which means your purchase is helping to clean nuisance algae from oceans and lakes. Help save fish, birds, mammals and more with a simple flower pot printed from nuisance algae.

*The cardinal is BYOP: Bring Your Own Plant, as the succulent is not included


All products 3D printed with nuisance algae feature about 30% of nuisance algae pulled from lakes, ponds and oceans to protect animals, fish and birds. The remaining 70% is plant-based biodegradable plastic (not oil-based.)

Care Instructions

Nuisance algae-based products cannot withstand extreme heat, so don't put them in the dishwasher or microwave.

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