How to throw a native plant party

How to throw a native plant party

Jared Goodykoontz, Mr. Jared from Balanced Family Academy, and I have gotten to know each other thanks to lurking around the same native plant social media groups over the last few years. He recently interviewed me for a fun post on the BFA blog, which you can ready here: Happy Valentine's Day, Mother Earth: An interview with local business Return to Sender

In January 2022, Jared started an initiative called HOPE 2022: Helping Ohioans Plant Ecosystems. Groups of us shared our progress while winter sowing native plants to add to our yards, to share with our neighbors and to give to local businesses. 

Today, Jared shared a very cool free printable native plant game, Native Plant Party, to help teach about the benefits of biodiversity and native plants. Visit the link, download and print, and start learning all about the benefits of native plants like purple coneflower, wild bergamot, stiff goldenrod and more. 

Native Plant Party Card Game
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