How to audibly spit-take while guesting on the Rootbound podcast

How to audibly spit-take while guesting on the Rootbound podcast

I had the lucky opportunity to join Steve Ellington on Rootbound recently and managed to fit in a spit take thanks to a lovely old-timey hot take accusing Nutting & Sons Peas of being both worthless and wrinkled. Almanac burn!

Rootbound is a "podcast about plants for when you're stuck inside" that features fantastic deep dives into all sorts of plant goodness. I chatted with Steve about one of my favorite native plants, purple coneflowers, during the episode. If you know our garden or have been offered (hounded) extra plants to take home with you, you're very familiar with my pal purple coneflower. She's a pollinator superhero who invites all the best pals to the plant party. 

Listen to Episode 64 of Rootbound here, and please forgive my butchering of "Echinacea Purpurea;" I was nervous, and you know, you shouldn't make fun of people for mispronouncing words because it means they learned the word while reading. Or some excuse along those lines. 


Also, as a bonus follow up, listen to Episode 67 of Rootbound to hear Tisa Watts of Columbus Garden School's love letter to purple coneflower. Tisa had the most wonderful way of describing purple coneflower during the kickoff for the 2023 Native Plants Backyard Challenge. I reached out to learn more, and she was kind enough to go into greater detail about why "Echinacea Purpurea is like the plainest girl in school showing up to prom in the fanciest shoes."

Thanks again to Steve for inviting me to join on Rootbound. Turns out, I really like chatting about plants on podcasts! Who would have guessed. 

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